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This page is about connecting you to resources to support you in designing your life.  Our collaborators are people who run incredible companies we have grown to love and trust and want to share with you.  If you think they could be helpful be sure to check them out. 

We at Concinnate believe, we design our lives through intention.  To be intentional about the life we want to lead, we need to get really clear on the story we want our life to tell.  Often times that means getting clear on the stories we are telling ourselves about life. Here are some people who's creativity can help us to truly see our authentic selves, for an intentional narrative to take form and shape and empower us to take up space in this world in increasingly

beautiful and intentional ways. 

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PS. currently we receive no monetary gain from anyone featured on this page.  If that changes this message will no longer be here and a disclosure will be in it's place.

Featured Collaborator
Dr. Natalie Christine Dattilo

Well mind design.

Concinnate is now offering consultation meetings with Dr Natalie Christine Dattilo, licensed psychologist and wellness expert.


Designing a well life begins with a well mind. Decision-making can be overwhelming. The process of building or designing a home requires passion, patience, persuasion, and persistence. It can put a strain on ourselves and our relationships. Let Dr Natalie help you navigate the process and create a less stressful and more satisfying experience from start to finish.


You can’t put a price on peace of mind


Through a semi-structured series of questions, Dr. Natalie can help clarify and pinpoint the “what” and “why.” Bringing greater awareness to the things you value most about your home and your lifestyle will ensure that the investment and decisions being made are resonant and thus deeply rewarding. Giving you the space to consider, reflect, and connect.

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