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Artisan Way Primary Bathroom

This client owns a wonderfully large home, about 4,500 square feet with two bedrooms that could function as the primary.  This bathroom is attached to the first floor primary bedroom.  This bathroom is about 350 square feet.  The owners are a couple who love their home and have owned it now for 30 years.  This room desperately needed to be updated.  The home overall has a Tuscan style.  We wanted to keep in line with that style.  

Since the bathroom is so large we had a great amount of scale to work with and wanted to have a focal point.  We found a gorgeous bold granite.  The renovation took about three weeks as we had sort of drop in, dark enclosed, steam shower removed and the framing for the new shower and plumbing updated.  The home owners chose to refinish their existing vanity cabinets themselves and we had the hardware changed out.  We love that this bathroom is so grand and yet so inviting and interesting.  The natural stone tile floors are such a simple elegant contrast to the bold granite.  This bathroom truly was a group effort and a labor of love. 

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