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Artist Primary Bathroom

This is a home that had only one full bathroom when it was purchased by the client.

It became clear upon entering that the two windows in the original bathroom used to be one and one half bathrooms. 

The home did not have an en suite bathroom for the primary bedroom.  The client desperately needed the, at the time, three bedroom, now four bedroom home, to have two full bathrooms.  We transformed what was one large bathroom into two well sized bathrooms connecting this one to the primary bedroom.  The two bathrooms are connected by an interior 'light', an interior window, up above the mirror to allow natural light to pass between the two.  

We ended up working on renovation for most of the rest of the home but never did get professional photos of the renovations, it was early on and one of the very first projects the founder, Shana Francesca, took on before the design firm was

officially formed. 

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