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Bella Vista Home

For this project we were responsible for renovating the two most important rooms in a home, the kitchen and the primary bathroom.  We also were responsible for incorporating the dining room furniture, new lighting and paint throughout the first floor.  This family is one we are so thankful to have met.  We quickly fell in love with their sons curiosity and his love of dinosaurs.   Their son heavily influenced this project.  We wanted to make a space that inspired the entire family especially because this project was completed during the most strict lock down period of the pandemic.  March of 2020 is when construction was due to kick off, we postponed a couple of months so we could all wrap our heads around making sure we were all as safe as possible. 

PS the stickers on the refrigerator are original, put there by the clients son.  They went so perfectly with the new cabinets that we had to leave them exactly where they were. 

For the bathroom we included a couple of progress photos after all the professional photos.  The wall color did change mid project and it is still a toss up in our minds of which color we like best, ultimately the client wanted something a bit brighter than the original color, we love the final result.  This is a home full of life and full of color.  

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