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Rodman St. Primary Bedroom Suite

This is the second of two homes we have worked on the same street in the Washington Square West portion of the city of Philadelphia.  This bedroom renovation encompassed nearly the entire uppermost floor of this beautiful home in Philadelphia.  This renovation comes about 15 years after the owner purchased the home, where the owner lives with their dog, Babe.  A fresh coat of paint in a soft color really brightened up the space.  New furniture, curtains, rugs, lighting and a few new pieces of artwork mixed with existing pieces. We had the ladder to the loft space fitted to collapse flat against the wall  which freed up a good amount of pass through space and a small cubby adjacent to the ladder now used for the owners morning skin care routine.  We added floating shelving and birch plywood and beautiful storage/organizing baskets to add texture while allowing better organization and easier access to the cubby.

We added a new chaise lounge and a comfortable rug in the dressing room as well creating a beautiful space for reading or for Babe to lounge. 

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