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Coming Soon (L)

We are excited that we have so many amazing projects that are in full swing.  Large projects have budgets of fifty thousand to five hundred thousand so you can image they take a bit more time.  We will use this page to share progress and completed sections of projects.  We love seeing projects come together and being able to share progress feels a lot like Christmas morning for us, we are the proud parents watching as the world unwraps, quickly, what we have spent months and sometimes years, working on.  Check back here once in a while to catch glimpses of our projects progress, until they are full grown and fully released into the world and get pages of their own!

Large Projects in progress shown below; 4,700 square foot home in Landenberg PA. (Video and still image, left and middle).  The final image on the right is of the exterior of a home in Penn Valley a 2,000 square foot 200 year old farm house that we are obsessed with.  We cannot wait to progress forward in these projects and be able to share more photos with you. 

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