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Dover Court House

This is one of the very first projects we worked on, this design firm was officially formed during and really

because of this project.  Working with this family was really special.  Originally we were just going to redo the kitchen.  When the clients explained why, it was because the home overall just did not work for them, but they loved where they lived.  We resolved to fix that, and we did. 

For this project we were responsible for full redesign of the home, accept the bonus room and furnishing the master.  The remainder of the home, including selecting siding, roofing, having the front door moved, extending the exterior overhang, repointing the brick for the fireplace chimney, adding a couple of windows, replacing all the flooring, renovating all three bathrooms, the kitchen, redesigning the overall layout of the entry...really we created one, moved the laundry room (used to walk through the laundry to get to the bonus room, now just a door), moved the coat closet, selected all the furniture, finishes, lighting and accessories for all but the bonus room and the master bedroom furniture.  We had the HVAC separated, one for each floor of the home.  The wood look tile floors are heated, which is just lovely on the feet, especially for a home built on a slab.  It was an amazing project and the result is breathtakingly different from where the home started.  See below for after photos and keep scrolling down if you want to see a few before photos. 

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