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Our Name

CONCINNATE came to be our name in a beautiful and weird way. 

Mid year 2020, I had just finished writing out our brand values, they took me two years to formulate and are found below, and then I discussed them with a very close friend.  A week or so later she text me the word Concinnity (n).  She sent it because we share a love of vocabulary words and I think, our discussion, led her to this word.  I immediately went on a deep dive into related words.  As soon as I read the definition of Concinnate (v), I knew that was our name.  

I know that we are building a company that will forever change us and our clients lives.  I am thankful to all of the people who are joining me in this adventure and those who have been teachers in my life, who have led me and CONCINNATE to this moment.

-Shana Francesca, Founder & CEO

Our Values

As a brand, a consulting firm, we are a community and we actively create community.

Lasting relationships matter and are key to our success, both in life and as a company.

Great talent is rare, people are not ‘replaceable’ they are individual, unique and critical to our success.

We must constantly challenge all of our assumptions, and search for flaws that could destroy our culture, community and our integrity; personally, as a brand, and in our work. 

We believe that it is critical to our success that our community be one that is made up of a diverse group of individuals who contribute to and are responsible for our success and that people are honored for their contribution with equitable pay.

We cannot succeed without open lines of communication that are actively used with intention, often, with thoughtful pause but not hesitation, and with respect, not reverence.

Well crafted actionable, transformational ideas do not come about by accident, they are created when we work together, to solve a problem, or set of problems.

Great ideas can and do come from everywhere and anyone, there is NO hierarchy that will stand in the way of facilitating good ideas, being brought forward by anyone, at any time. 

We are ALL in this together, no one is above doing the little things or beneath doing great things.

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