Workshop Weekend- Oct 22 & 23

Life Design Workshop Weekend-All (6) Life Design Workshops in (2) days

  • 450 US dollars
  • Zoom-Virtual Workshop

Service Description

This Life Design Workshop Weekend is being held October 21-22 from 10am-2:00pm EST, And is limited to 25 people. In this (2) day workshop weekend we will cover all (6) aspects of Life Design. INTENTION Set your intention. To design is to intend for a specific purpose. Take time to get clear on the story you want your life to tell and write it down. INTUITION Listen to your inner knowing. Practice focusing on your breathing. A single intentional in breath and out breath is meditation. Meditation will help you quiet external voices and unsubscribe from standards that disconnect you from your authentic self. ALIGNMENT Check in with yourself. Once you set an intention it is critical you take time to check in. To see where you can release that which is no longer serving you and create more opportunity to align with the story you want your life to tell. IMPERFECT ACTION Do not wait. If we wait to take action in our lives until we know it all or we believe we have to know it all to be valuable we will continually hold ourselves back. Be willing to take imperfect action and gather more knowledge along the way. PURPOSE Understand purpose. Our purpose is something we get to define and redefine throughout our lives. Revisit the story you want your life to tell often. As we learn more and grow our understanding of ourselves and the world around us changes and informs our purpose. SET THE STAGE Recognize the power of your surroundings. You will spend 2/3 of your life in your home. Your home is the stage from which you tell the story of your life and is a direct reflection of your beliefs about yourself. Your home should feel authentically connected to who YOU are, not trends.

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