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West Philadelphia Home

This home was originally built in the early 1900's.  The client approached me about designing the large living room area a small sitting area in front of the fireplace, paint colors and lighting fixtures.  We wanted to honor the past while making sure that this home reflects the current occupants.  We settled on lime washing the fireplace which, unlike latex paint, would preserve and enhance the texture of the original brick.  Another detail we embraced was the dental detailed crown molding but brightened and lightened up the walls with a soft lavender gray color. 


For many clients we may ask a series of what feels like random questions to get to know them and their intention for their lives.  This project was heavily inspired by the build up beat of the Traffic song The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys.  Not all of our projects are inspired by music but many of them are.  Music is the soundtrack of our lives and heavily connects

to feeling and memory.  The song happened to be a song the client was playing on repeat at the time and was entirely perfect.  We encourage you to listen to the song as you view the images below.  It will change your whole feeling of the space.  

The ethos for this project was to create a space not just that the client lived in but was Living in. 

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