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From Our Founder

Growing up, I watched the people around me and saw so much pressure to pretend.  Most people were scripting their lives from the dictations of their parents and society…here is how you become a female or male adult…do these things, don’t do these things…this is the life you ‘should’ be leading…what your life should look like…this is the life you want; this binary is the only acceptable way.

I was born into an abusive household and was raised inside an evangelical Christian cult.  Because I experienced my life almost entirely as high control and was punished for being myself.  Imaginary worlds were my only safe space and books became my friends and mentors.   

My life doesn’t look at all like my childhood.  I spent the last fifteen years studying psychology as an amateur, building on my emotional intelligence and personal awareness moving through life and healing.  I have changed so much in the last 7 years and as a result so has the business since I started it part time in 2016.


Several years ago while leading group coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners of varying years and decades of experience I realized my scholarly studies were taking up more and more space in the world.   


Through the process of building the firm and connecting with clients, I realized that our mission is larger than I originally imagined.  I needed to let our ethos, our culture and the brand take up more space in the world, support and work with more people in a deeper and more expansive way.


My work went from focusing on empowering others to design their lives through intention, to recognizing the power of my work with leadership as well as in our individual lives and now focuses on Intentional and Ethical Leadership and Living. 

We empower people, and those who are also leaders, to connect with curiosity, respect and accountability to transform their lives and leadership.  To build community and connection and to move away from the idea of a lonely leader at the top to understanding the power and strength of a community of voices driving innovation and profitability through healthy culture. 

Shana Francesca

Founder & CEO

Concinnate LLC.

Intentional & Ethical Leadership & Living

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