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Current & Customizable Services

It is curiosity, as a part of intentionality, that empowers failure to become success. Here are my services that are curated to empower your organizations

intentionality and curiosity to fuel profitability.


No two organizations or people are the same so all services are customizable.

We can always co-create services just for you and/or your organization.  


-Intentional & Ethical Leadership

-Master Intention - Design Your Life

-Cultivating Transformational Curiosity

-Neurodiversity in a Singularly Focused World

-Coming soon...Relationship is NOT Proximity

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Speaker Sheet

Consulting Services

Year long consulting services that include 24 hour a day access to me for your leadership team and employees for coaching and consulting, two on-site days per month which can be used for workshops, coaching, book discussions, etc. as well as other customizable services to meet your organizations specific needs.

This service is $150k per year billed quarterly (other options are available for 3, 6 or 9 months)

Coaching 1:1

This service is typically virtual and customizable, contact for pricing

Group Coaching

This service is available virtually or in person and is customizable, contact for pricing

Half-day workshop/group coaching blended discussion 

Each chapter of the workshop is facilitated before entering into guided discussion on topics and includes related activities, a workbook and recommended reading list

This service is $5k


Condensed Workshop 45 min +15 min Q&A

Typically done as a lunch & learn virtually or in person.  This is perfect for small businesses.

This is the only service with a max. capacity due to price point and time limits

Offered through my website $100 per person for individuals 

For organizations this service is for a Maximum of 15 people and is $1500 Virtually, $2k in person


Full length 90 min workshop + 30 min Q&A

includes a 30+ page digital workbook with activities and practices and a suggested reading list

This service is $3k


Intentional Deep Dive Book Discussion

90 min Guided Discussion this can be done monthly or quarterly 

Books typically found on, but not limited to my suggested reading lists

Thought provoking questions, quotes and discussion points are sent a few days before discussion commences

This service is:

For One Year, Monthly $36k

For One Year, Quarterly $12k

Single Book Discussion is $3k


Adjusted pricing is available for non-profits and schools.  I currently offer three of my workshops virtually through my website in a condensed format for small and micro businesses, entrepreneurs and individual professionals.


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