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Keynote Speaker | Life Designer | Writer


My name is Shana Francesca and I am a professional life designer, speaker and writer. I help people live more joyful and fulfilled lives by speaking about Life Design. 

From an early age I have been fascinated by the power of intention, the way that what we say affects our perception of reality, the way our physical surroundings reflect back to us our beliefs and our beliefs about ourselves.

Fifteen years into my career and five years into founding what is now Concinnate, I continue to lean into what it means to be a leader. My purpose is to empower us all to live more intentional, connected and authentic lives-to design our lives and by doing so, experience untold depths of Joy. 

"Hearing Shana speak is impactful.  Her strength and resiliency shines through with grace as she effortlessly explains how she transforms human desire into design.  I walked away with a new understanding of how my beginning sets the stage for my ending and intention sets my direction." 
-Beth Geddio, Attendee
Founder & Owner of State of Being Co.

"Shana recently spoke for me at a virtual event. Not only was she charming, well prepared, and certainly well spoken, she was able to easily expand her talk down any tangential avenue our listener's questions took her. She very clearly explained the importance of intentionality and design and how helpful and critical it is to Joy. I look forward to collaborating with her again to further educate and improve the lives of my clients and friends. "

-Michael Prince, Event Organizer

Team Principle, Prince Properties Philadelphia


"We love Shana! She did an excellent job preparing for and virtually presenting life design concepts to survivors of brain injury. She took the time to understand the group's needs and patiently allowed the interactive discussion (portion) to flow according to everyone's cognitive abilities, interests, and concerns. We look forward to having Shana

as a return speaker."

-Marlene Rivera, ReDiscover U

Coordinator for the Council on Brain Injury

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If you would like to interview me for your podcast, please email me!
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